With 3850 new businesses registering with the Ministry of Commerce in 2014, Cambodia continues to be one of the region’s fastest-growing economies and an attractive option for investors. Foreign investment reached around $4 billion during 2014*, GDP growth averaged in excess of 7% from 2011-14**, and similar growth is widely predicted during 2016 and beyond.

Doing business in the Kingdom presents its own unique set of challenges, especially to newcomers. While the infrastructure is improving rapidly, access to the latest information and “know-how” is often limited to those who have spent years developing networks of contacts and associates.

Since 2012, B2B CAMBODiA has provided business owners and managers with an easily accessible source of the latest information, combined with practical, “boots on the ground“ advice to help them navigate their way through the complexities of achieving their business objectives.

Drawing from extensive interviews and surveys of more than 250 of Cambodia’s leading business people and industry experts, B2B provides its ever-widening audience with articles, news, event information, directory listings, and more.

In June 2016 we launched our new website and B2B now stands alone as a digital product, combining the website and our Facebook/LinkedIn pages, allowing us to provide valuable promotional opportunities at a low cost.


B2B is aimed at anyone involved in setting up and managing business operations in Cambodia, from SMEs (small to medium enterprises employing up to 250 people) to larger businesses, whether they are new to the country or seasoned practitioners embarking on new projects. We also believe that B2B appeals to anyone looking to start a new career here in the Kingdom.

Our newly upgraded website currently receives over 500 page views a day and the last issue of the printed publication is also available as a “flipbook“ on issuu.com where each issue receives thousands of impressions per month***.


We are making available a limited number of innovative promotional packages on the website and on social media, for selected businesses wishing to market themselves to other businesses in Cambodia. Our packages include enhanced directory listings, varied banners on the website, regular promotion on Facebook plus the chance to post articles to the site, priced as follows:

a) CLASSIC PACKAGE US$290 / six months or US$490 / year

50 word profile/listing with map indicator, banner advertisement on relevant section pages, the ability to post one article to the site every month plus one Facebook post per month.

b) PREMIUM PACKAGE US$390 / six months or US$690 / year

100 word profile/listing with map indicator, banner advertisement on relevant section pages, the ability to post two articles to the site every month plus two Facebook posts per month PLUS banner advertisements on home page and relevant industry overview page.

c) ELITE PACKAGE US$590 / six months or US$990 / year

As per Premium Package PLUS prime banner placement on home page and relevant section page AND “business in profile” feature on home page.

Rates are for placement within the relevant section of the publication and website.
Additional spaces are subject to availability and will incur a premium – please ask us for details.
Please also note that rates are subject to VAT.

For more information please contact Priscilla Kruse on 012 254 182 or email priscilla@cambodiapocketguide.com