In May 2018 we will publish the twenty-third issue of DOOR-2-DOOR, providing English-speaking residents of Phnom Penh with the city’s longest-running guide to restaurants, and other businesses, that can deliver to their home, office or elsewhere, day or night.DOOR-2-DOOR also features an extensive “Expat Life” guide with advice for expats on a range of practical matters.

The May issue of the guide will run to around 120 pages in our large format and will feature menus, prices and delivery information from a wide selection of businesses in a standardised, easy-to-use format.

We will print 10000 copies of the new guide, to be distributed free of charge across Phnom Penh to selected businesses, NGO offices, embassies and serviced apartments. The guides will also be displayed at participating restaurants, and at other businesses in the city that cater to the English-speaking expatriate community (medical and dental clinics, spas etc).

DOOR-2-DOOR is also available online at

We offer a range of promotional options to businesses who would like to promote their delivery services to our readers, from under $1 a day:


If you want to use your own delivery service:

ONE PAGE – US $250 / issue ($42 / month)
TWO PAGES – US $450 / issue ($75 / month)

No additional fees apply.

Each option includes your logo, name, address, your telephone number, average waiting times, up to three photos and your choice of menu items with descriptions, with your menu also available on Customers call you direct and you arrange delivery.


If you use an external delivery service (Your Phnom Penh, Nham24, Meal Temple):

ONE PAGE – US $125 / issue ($21 / month)
TWO PAGES – US $250 / issue ($42 / month)

You pay the external delivery service as usual.

Each option includes your logo, name, address, the telephone numbers of the external delivery services, up to four photos and details of your 20 best-selling items with descriptions, plus QR codes linked to your online menus. Customers order via their preferred external service.

15% discount for annual contracts!

For more information please contact Priscilla Kruse on 012 254 182 or email