Philippe Janowski : Sales Director

Philippe Janowski

Sales Director

Philippe hails from Belgium. In his late twenties, the travel virus bit him hard and he spent extensive periods of time exploring the world on his motorbike. He rode around Brazil for almost one year, the rest of South America for another year, and all the way from his little Flemish village to the Kingdom of Cambodia, where he settled in late 2003. He is mainly involved in sales, but also is engaged in various other aspects of the business.
Dean Lennox : Creative Director

Dean Lennox

Creative Director

Dean is the co-founder and creative director of Master Media and Pocket Guide Cambodia. A strong foundation in graphic design was built in his native Australia, where he worked at advertising agencies, publishers and design companies. In 1992, Dean moved to Southeast Asia, picking up posts in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, before finally settling in Cambodia for the last 16 years.
Tim Gibbons : Commercial Director

Tim Gibbons

Commercial Director

Originally from Newcastle in the north of England, Tim spent fifteen years working in London in various sales and marketing roles, including a nine-year stint with a leading management consultancy. Following a three-year period travelling the globe and dirt-biking through Cambodia, Tim settled in Phnom Penh in 2004 and helped to set up the business, where he is primarily responsible for sales, finance and business development.